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Working With Disabled People and People with Long Term Health Conditions

Since 2001, the ADP has been supporting disabled people, as well as people with long term health conditions, to set up in business through the Disabled Entrepreneurs' Network (DEN). The aim of DEN is to provide the information disabled people and people with long term health conditions need to start up and maintain their own business. DEN is committed to providing a variety of information for disabled entrepreneurs such as the provision of sign posting to other support, finance and training. Indeed, our work has been recognised on a national and international basis as a beacon of excellence.

All support from the ADP and DEN is provided by experienced business advisors, who are disabled people themselves,who often have experience of running their own successful businesses. We provide information using plain English to support disabled entrepreneurs to remove the many additional barriers they face. If you want to know more, please don't hesitate to contact us by email at

Setting up in business? A Resource Guide for disabled people and their advisors

The Association of Disabled Professionals, through their work on the Disabled Entrepreneurs' Network, has written and produced a plain English Resource Guide, Directory of Support and Quick Reference Guide to support disabled people who want to set up in business. It is intended that the guide will also be used by business advisers within mainstream organisations.

As well as ensuring that key issues are covered, such as tax, funding, mentoring and different types of business opportunity, we have also included stories from disabled entrepreneurs and their experiences of starting up in business.

You can download a sample page from our standard format Guide.

The Guide was launched by Margaret Hodge MP, Minister for Enterprise, Industry and the Regions, on 20th March 2007 at the British Library in London. The Directory of Support, which accompanies the Guide has been updated (January 2009) and there are plans to include a plain English business plan template in the near future.

The Resource Guide Pack is available in a number of CD formats including standard, large print, audio, easy read and text only. A sample page from the Easy Read Guide Pack is available for you to view.

The Guide Pack is available (as a CD)for the cost price of producing the CDs and postage and packaging only (£3.50). Please also let us know if you need an alternative format.

You can order your copy and pay the postage charge online through Paypal.

Resource Guide Pack

Alternatively, please email for other payment options.

Working With Business Support Agencies

We have provided disability equality training and information services to a number of mainstream business support organisations who wanted to improve their service to disabled entrepreneurs.

This has involved:

* providing tailored disability equality training to front-line staff, including telephonists, events staff and business advisors, as well as management teams;

* providing front-line helpline services to disabled people and business advisors;

* providing content reviews of information produced by the organisation, including reviews of formats, wording and layout for accessibility and ease of use;

* providing consultancy on organisation specific issues relating to the provision of support for business advisors.

Indeed, due to the partnership we have established with Business Link in London, they have kindly agreed to sponsor the printing of our Resource Guide, "Setting up in business?" in order that we can supply it to disabled entrepreneurs for the cost of postage and packaging.

As well as our work with agencies, we have advised a number of voluntary organisations working with disabled entrepreneurs and represent the views of disabled entrepreneurs on many committees and forums.

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